HIH Studio Art Education
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HIH ART STUDIO Offers Studio Art Education Programs:

* Art Portfolio Class
Aid in Making Drawing, 2D Design and 3D Design Art Portfolio for Enrichment, Academic, and AP Studio Art Purposes

* Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture Class
Foundation and Advanced Courses in Classical Academic Visual Art
- Sketching, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, and Advanced Color Study for Children, Teens, and Adults

* Children Art Class
Foundation in Children’s Visual Art
- Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Print-Making, and Basic Color Study for Children

Winner of 2011 Excellence in Visual Arts California Regional Gold Key Award, Organized by The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and The Bay Area California Arts Project (BayCAP)
Artist: Thomas Li / Grade: 9th / Age: 14 Years Old / Title: Eye to the World / Image Size: 17” w X 11”h / Medium: Pen and Ink on Bristol Paper / Date: August 2010


Artist: Craig Liu / Grade: Kindergarten / Age: 5 Years Old / Title: Blue Fish / Image Size: 8 “ X 6” / Medium: Print Making on Rice Paper / Date: March 2009   Artist: Madeleine Yip / Grade: 7th / Age: 12 Years Old / Title: Summer Memories / Image Size: 22” w X 14.5”h / Medium: Acrylic on Bristol Paper / Date: June 2011